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12 Things You Don't Know About Angelina Jolie

Saturday, Dec 3, 2016, 1:28 pm

Angelina Jolie is indisputably one of the most famous Hollywood actresses of all time. The 41-year-old action star has fans all over the world, even in those remote African and Asian towns. The Oscar-winning actress embarked on a journey to fame and success when she was as young as eight. Being born as the daughter of an Academy Award-winning actor, Jon Voight, helped her land big Hollywood roles at the beginning of her acting career, but Angie has worked incredibly hard to establish herself as a leading Hollywood lady. Read 12 little-known facts about Angelina Jolie that are sure to surprise you!
1.Angelina Jolie Lived With Her Boyfriend

Well, this is something even moms of the current generation don't do! During the early 90s, Angelina Jolie's boyfriend lived with her in her house. Her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, allowed the two to share space in a room. Angie said her mother did that to keep the young couple from drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or hanging out in public parks. She had her boyfriend at home for nearly two years. When she turned 16, she ended the relationship to focus on her career. Angelina Jolie told The Sun, "My mum always made it clear that I was her friend - and that is a lesson on how to bring up my own children."

Angelina Jolie Lived With Her Boyfriend-12 Things You Don't Know About Angelina Jolie
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2.Angelina Jolie Wanted To Be A Funeral Director

Angelina Jolie would have been a funeral director had she not become a successful actress, the "Lara Croft" star shared details about her backup career plans on the CBS 60 Minutes show! She was so serious about becoming an undertaker that she had taken a home course. Angelina Jolie said she was very upset with the way her grandfather's funeral was organized. According to her, it was that moment she decided to become a mortician.  She said, "If this whole acting thing didn't work out that was going to be my path. It sounds like this very strange, eccentric, dark thing to do but in fact, I lost my grandfather and was very upset with his funeral." 

Angelina Jolie Wanted To Be A Funeral Director-12 Things You Don't Know About Angelina Jolie
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3.She Is A Licensed Pilot And Owns An Aircraft

A private jet is something many Hollywood celebrities own, but Angelina Jolie is one among the very few who can fly one. She learned to fly a few years ago in England and obtained a pilot license shortly later in the United States. In an interview given to Vogue magazine, the "Maleficent" actress said she learned it for her son Maddox Chivan who loved airplanes when he was a kid. Jolie said she loved the feeling of being alone up in the air. In the same interview, she confirmed that Brad Pitt is also a licensed pilot. When asked who the better pilot was, Angie hesitatingly said it was she! 

She Is A Licensed Pilot And Owns An Aircraft-12 Things You Don't Know About Angelina Jolie
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