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15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Saturday, Dec 3, 2016, 12:33 pm

Leonardo DiCaprio is inarguably one of the best actors Hollywood has ever seen. The highly talented actor began his mainstream acting career in the early 90s, playing "Josh" role in "Critters 3." A couple of years later, he acted in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," a movie that fetched him an Oscar nomination. He had to wait for nearly two decades to win an Academy Award, though. Hey, are you a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio? How well do you think you know about your favorite actor? Here's your chance to learn more about "The Revenant" star. Read 15 shocking facts you don't know about Leonardo DiCaprio.
1.The Little Known Secret Behind His Name

Leonardo DiCaprio parents, George DiCaprio and Irmelin Indenbirken, were spending their honeymoon in Italy circa 1974 when Irmelin was pregnant with Leonardo. Irmelin felt the first baby kick when she along with her husband was watching one of the Leonardo da Vinci's paintings in the famous Uffizi Gallery (art museum) in Florence, Italy. The couple then took that as a sign and named their son after the legendary painter. Leonardo DiCaprio shared the story behind his name in an interview given to NPR. Hey, did you know DiCaprio's first agent wanted him to change his name to "Lenny Williams," so that it sounds more American? Leonardo DiCaprio declined the idea right away!

The Little Known Secret Behind His Name-15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

2.He Was Offered 'Patrick Bateman' Role In American Psycho

"American Psycho" was a controversial piece of art even before the movie was released. Christian Bale was first signed to portray "Patrick Bateman," but the producers replaced him with Leonardo DiCaprio. Mary Harron, the director of the film, wanted Christian Bale to play the role. She quit the project, protesting against the producers' decision to replace Christian Bale. The producers then roped in Oliver Stone to direct the movie, but he backed out of the project due to complaints from feminist groups in New York. Leonardo Dicaprio followed Stone's footsteps and walked out of the project, as well. Producers had to sign Mary Harron and Christian Bale again.

He Was Offered 'Patrick Bateman' Role In American Psycho-15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio
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3.DiCaprio Bought A Salvador Dali's Painting For $1.2 Million

He is an ardent fan of paintings. In 2011, he bought an artwork that was painted by legendary surreal painter Salvador Dali for a whopping $1.2 million. He acquired Dali's "Chevaliers en Parade," a painting that depicts a knight on a horse. He bid on two Pablo Picasso paintings in the same auction but couldn't get any of them as other participants outbid him. "He bid on the Picassos, but it was clear the Dali was what he wanted," New York Post quoted Manhattan Gallery employee Rachel Stekson (23) as saying.  As you may know, Salvador Dali was a famous Spanish painter who was very well known around the world for his surreal paintings. 

DiCaprio Bought A Salvador Dali's Painting For .2 Million-15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio
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