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15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Saturday, Dec 3, 2016, 12:33 pm

Leonardo DiCaprio is inarguably one of the best actors Hollywood has ever seen. The highly talented actor began his mainstream acting career in the early 90s, playing "Josh" role in "Critters 3." A couple of years later, he acted in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," a movie that fetched him an Oscar nomination. He had to wait for nearly two decades to win an Academy Award, though. Hey, are you a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio? How well do you think you know about your favorite actor? Here's your chance to learn more about "The Revenant" star. Read 15 shocking facts you don't know about Leonardo DiCaprio.
4.Leo DiCaprio Has His Own Coffee Brand. LYON!

"The Wolf of Wall Street" actor teamed up with La Colombe Coffee Toasters, a famous coffee roasting company in the United States, and lent his name to one of the company's coffee products. Leonardo DiCaprio and La Colombe created a sub-brand together called, LYON. 100% of the profits that come from the initiative go to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. As you may know, Leo is an active philanthropist whose charity works center around sustainable living. If you want to contribute to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, all you need to do is purchase a pack of LYON coffee beans from La Colombe. 

Leo DiCaprio Has His Own Coffee Brand. LYON!-15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio
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5.Leonardo DiCaprio Is A Big Donor

As said earlier, Leonardo DiCaprio runs his own charity organization, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF). Since its inception in 1999, the Hollywood star has given away approximately $60 million in grants to support various causes. In addition to LDF, he supports 65 other charity organizations as well. In January 2016, Leo pledged $15 million donations towards research that work to reduce the world's dependency on fossil fuels. In 2014, he donated $3 million to Oceana, the world's largest ocean-protecting group. "The Revenant" star gave $3 million to World Wild Life (WWF) in 2013 to fund its tiger conservation missions. In the same year, he donated $61,000 to support gay rights.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is A Big Donor-15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

6.Nicholas Cage Outbid Leo To Own A Dinosaur Skull

In 2007, the two famous Hollywood actors, Nicholas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio, competed against each other in an auction conducted by renowned Beverly Hills auctioneer, I.M. Chait to own a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull. Cage outbid DiCaprio and acquired the rare artifact for $276,000. Nicholas Cage received a letter from the Department of Homeland Security in 2014 informing him that the skull he won in the auction was a stolen one and it belonged to Mongolia. He returned the artifact to the Mongolian government. Neither I.M. Chait nor Nicholas Cage was accused of wrongdoing, but it is unclear whether Cage got his money back from the auctioneer.

Nicholas Cage Outbid Leo To Own A Dinosaur Skull-15 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

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