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12 Things You Don't Know About Pablo Escobar

Saturday, Dec 3, 2016, 12:34 pm

If you live in the Americas, you might have heard about Pablo Escobar before. He was one of the most infamous and ruthless drug lords of all time. Born on December 1, 1949, in a poor Colombian farmer's family, Escobar managed to become one of the richest and most influential criminals of his time. He gave sleepless nights to the law enforcement officials of the United States, Colombia, and many other South American countries. Pablo Escobar founded Medellin Cartel in the early 1970s, a drug cartel that made him the wealthiest criminal ever. Read 12 unknown facts about the Cocaine King, Pablo Escobar!
4.USA Was His Biggest Fear

Former hitman Popeye also revealed Pablo Escobar's biggest worry. Many South American drug lords of the 90s believed that extradition to the United States would strip them off their power, giving no control over their business. They thought that serving time in local jail was a better idea because they could buy the law enforcement authorities and enjoy great freedom. Pablo Escobar influenced the Colombian government and made politicians pass a controversial bill that prevented extraditing Colombian nationals to the United States. Though there was no substantial evidence to prove the claim, many people at that time believed that Pablo was behind the sketchy bill. 

USA Was His Biggest Fear-12 Things You Don't Know About Pablo Escobar
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5.He Was A Criminal From The Very Beginning

People who knew the Colombian drug lord often say that he was an intelligent man. According to them, he dreamed of becoming a millionaire before he turned 22. There were many contradicting theories about Pablo Escobar's childhood and teen years. According to those theories, Pablo was selling stolen graves and cars for a living. As per his son and the author of the book "Pablo Escobar: My Father," Sebastian Marroquin, the drug baron's first criminal job was producing and selling fake college diplomas. Since then, he forayed into numerous other illegal activities and eventually settled as a drug trafficker. 

He Was A Criminal From The Very Beginning-12 Things You Don't Know About Pablo Escobar

6.Pablo Burned $2 Million Cash To Keep His Daughter Warm

In an interview given to Don Juan magazine, Sebastian Marroquin said that his father once burned $2 million crisp banknotes to keep his hypothermic daughter warm at one of his hideouts near the Medellin city. Sebastian Marroquin, born Juan Pablo Escobar, told the interviewer that his dad used to blindfold the family members and relocated them every 48 hours between 15 of his hideouts in and around Medellin. Pablo Escobar didn't want the family to reveal details about his secret dens if and when authorities captured and tortured them. 

Pablo Burned  Million Cash To Keep His Daughter Warm-12 Things You Don't Know About Pablo Escobar
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