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12 Things You Don't Know About RMS Titanic

Sunday, Dec 11, 2016, 4:49 pm

Thanks to James Cameron's "Titanic," millions around the world came to know about the sinking of the RMS Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean. Even though the movie was made based on a real story, parts of it including Jack and Rose's love story was fictional. Let's forget about the film for a while and talk about the real Titanic tragedy. Built and deployed by the famous British shipping company, White Star Line, the Royal Mail Ship Titanic sank on April 15, 1912, killing more than 1500 people on board. Explore 12 interesting facts about the real RMS ship and the mid-ocean disaster.
1.The Richest Person Travelling On The RMS Titanic

Titanic was carrying 2223 passengers when it sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. There were many wealthy people on board including the likes of John Jacob Astor IV. The 47-year-old American businessman was traveling from Cherbourg, France to his hometown, New York, with his pregnant wife. He was not only the richest person travelling on the RMS Titanic but also the wealthiest man in the world. His net worth was estimated to be $150 million at the time of the Titanic tragedy, which would be approximately $4 billion in 2016. He didn't survive the Titanic debacle, but his wife, Madelaine Astor was escorted to safety on a lifeboat.

The Richest Person Travelling On The RMS Titanic-12 Things You Don't Know About RMS Titanic

2.First Class Passengers Enjoyed Luxurious Facilities

It is understandable that first class passengers always get best treatment, be it a cruise ship or a plane! The RMS Titanic first class travelers enjoyed so many luxurious facilities that it would make an average business class passenger of the present day feel envious! Among the first class amenities, Turkish baths, gymnasium with state-of-the-art equipment and a personal trainer, squash court, hot salt-water swimming pool, private promenades, spa, smoking room, writing room, etc. were notable. The third class passengers, on the other hand, had to share everything from a berth to the toilet.

First Class Passengers Enjoyed Luxurious Facilities-12 Things You Don't Know About RMS Titanic

3.The Titanic Wreck Was Found 73 Years Later

Beginning from 1912, various expeditions led by world's renowned explorers failed to locate the RMS Titanic's wreck. Finally, in 1985, French-American expedition led by Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the shipwreck, 370 miles south-southeast of Newfoundland, Canada. The sighting of Titanic ruin became a topic of intense debate, and several salvage experts in the world gave insane ideas to raise the hulk from the bottom of the ocean, such as filling it with ping pong balls, liquid nitrogen, Vaseline, etc. Over the years, many Titanic artifacts were recovered from the site and put up for auction. 

The Titanic Wreck Was Found 73 Years Later-12 Things You Don't Know About RMS Titanic

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