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12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs

Sunday, Dec 11, 2016, 1:20 pm

Boobs! The word itself can make many guys go mad instantly! Inarguably, a pair of breasts is a beautiful addition to a woman's body, and men need to thank almighty, big bang theory, or whatever, according to their beliefs! Boobs are sexualized so much that many of us have forgotten their primary purpose, which is feeding babies. It is a fact that women of many African, American, and Australian tribes don't cover their breasts. Many historians believe that a female's upper assets have become a symbol of sexuality only in the modern era. Let's keep every other thing aside and quickly check these 12 intriguing facts about boobs that you probably don't know!  
1.Only Humans Have Permanent Plump Breasts

Whether or not a woman breastfeeds, her breasts remain plump from the time they bud to the very end. The size of her boobs varies as she grows, but they stay full. Now, this is not the case with animals. Other invertebrates breasts enlarge only during pregnancy and disappear when they no longer need to breastfeed their babies. Even primates like monkeys, chimps, and gorillas don't have permanently enlarged breasts. The human breasts are an important dimorphic feature that differentiates women from men; hence, they stay permanent irrespective of circumstances. They change their shape, size, and color during pregnancy, though.

Only Humans Have Permanent Plump Breasts-12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs

2.One Can't Grow Their Breasts Naturally

If you are a girl with small boobs and exploring ways to increase breast size naturally, stop doing that! That is so because it is virtually impossible for girls to grow their breasts once they live out their teen years. Like body height, Breasts stop growing after a certain age. No matter what a girl does, she just can't increase her breast size unless she opts for a breast enlargement surgery. A woman's breast size entirely depends on genetics. Even though breasts don't flourish in terms of size, their shape keeps changing throughout the life. 

One Can't Grow Their Breasts Naturally-12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs
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3.Most Girls Wear Wrong Size Bra

According to the various surveys conducted over the years, more than 60% of the women in the world wear wrong size bra. In a 2008 study conducted by Katherine Wood, Melainie Cameron, and Kylie Fitzgerald, it was stated that nearly 80% of the survey participants were wearing the wrong bra. According to a study conducted by Swiss lingerie giant, Triumph, approximately 64% survey takers reported using the wrong bra. In another study carried out by British lingerie brand, Rigby, and Peller, nearly a third of partakes admitted to wearing misfit bra. According to these studies, most women chose a small bra than their actual size to make their breasts look fuller and larger.

Most Girls Wear Wrong Size Bra-12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs

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