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12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs

Sunday, Dec 11, 2016, 1:20 pm

Boobs! The word itself can make many guys go mad instantly! Inarguably, a pair of breasts is a beautiful addition to a woman's body, and men need to thank almighty, big bang theory, or whatever, according to their beliefs! Boobs are sexualized so much that many of us have forgotten their primary purpose, which is feeding babies. It is a fact that women of many African, American, and Australian tribes don't cover their breasts. Many historians believe that a female's upper assets have become a symbol of sexuality only in the modern era. Let's keep every other thing aside and quickly check these 12 intriguing facts about boobs that you probably don't know!  
7.Men Can Develop Breast Cancer Too

Technically, men have breasts too! Due to the lack of estrogen, men don't have a large size of breast tissue formed under the nipple bed. It is just about how women can't grow a beard because they lack testosterone. Although unnoticeable, men do have some breast tissue, and its size differs from person to person. Some men develop breast cancer in whatever little or big soft tissue they have. Men who suffer from gynecomastia (man boobs) are at a higher risk of developing cancer. 

Men Can Develop Breast Cancer Too-12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs

8.Two Main Reasons Why Breasts Sag Prematurely

Boobs sag as a woman ages, and nothing much she can do to put a stopper to it. A good lifestyle ensures delayed sagging, but it will not stop boobs from reaching the ground ultimately! These days, we see many young women dealing with breast ptosis. According to experts, smoking and running are the two main reasons why they have droopy boobs. Smoking destroys collagen in the body, resulting in sagging boobs. Running, on the other hand, strains and tears supportive ligaments in the breasts that are essential for firm breasts. A high-quality sports bra can reduce the risk, though.

Two Main Reasons Why Breasts Sag Prematurely -12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs

9.Poor VS Rich Guys

Well, if you think almost every guy on the planet loves big boobs, you are wrong! According to psychologists Martin Tovee and Viren Swami, men who enjoy a rich life tend to prefer small boobs whereas financially insecure guys love big bosoms. They studied the behavior of 250+ men of different social and economic backgrounds to compile the output. They found out that men with poor financial status were instantly attracted to well-endowed women because they looked resourceful. In their words, hungry men are more likely to get attracted to big boobs.

Poor VS Rich Guys-12 Things You Don’t Know About Boobs
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