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No Binoculars Were Available For Lookouts

Sunday, Dec 11, 2016, 4:44 pm

White Star Line hired six marine lookouts whose job was to look into Titanic's path and alert pilots about the obstacles ahead. One of the lookouts, 25-year-old Frederick Fleet, spotted the iceberg when the ship was just a few hundred meters away from it. He screamed "Iceberg, right head!" when he first saw the obstacle. Fleet was interrogated by the US and British authorities. He told them that if there were binoculars, the mishap wouldn't have happened. The binoculars were there inside the locker of the second officer, David Blair, who sailed from Belfast (place where the Titanic was manufactured) to Southampton. He was removed at the last minute, and he forgot to handover the locker key to his replacement. 

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No Binoculars Were Available For Lookouts

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